Covid 19 Treatment

Treatment for Covid 19:
Long Covid in New York

Long Term Sufferers of Covid-19

Are you one of the tens of thousands of people in the US that are suffering from the long term side effects of Covid-19 in America? Did you know that Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) has recently been approved after clinical trials to treat sufferers of the Long Covid; the long term damage of lung inflammation that has occurred following infection from Covid 19.

What is Long Covid-19?

There is no medical definition or list of symptoms shared by all patients – two people with long Covid can have very different experiences. However, the most common feature is crippling fatigue and difficulty in breathing caused from lung inflammation.

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What Are The Long Term Affects of Covid-19?

Long Covid Symptoms

Others symptoms include: breathlessness, a cough that won’t go away, joint pain, muscle aches, hearing and eyesight problems, headaches, loss of smell and taste as well as damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys and gut.

Mental health problems have been reported including depression, anxiety and struggling to think clearly.

Recently Ortholazer welcomed the results of clinical trials that determined that Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT); the technology behind our M8 Robotic Laser treatment is a proven treatment to aid the recovery in pain relief for those suffering from Covid 19 symptoms long after the initial virus has left their body otherwise known as Long Covid.

Orthopedic Laser Treatment

Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • No known side effects.
  • Painless and Non-Invasive.
  • Drug-free.
  • Rapid relief of pain from Long Covid symptoms.
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Clinically Proven to help recovery from Covid 19 

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