Laser Therapy Pricing

The cost of treatment is one of our most frequently asked questions. Its understandable given the cost of alternative mechanisms to improve the lifestyles of patients who suffer acute or chronic pain on a day to day basis. Whilst there may be patients with specific needs and treatment schedules to consider on individual case by case scenarios. OrthoLazer in Newburgh offers the below typical treatment plans:

  • Acute Pain/Sprain or Post Surgical $360

    6 Sessions spread over a few weeks or as advised by our specialists

  • Chronic Pain e.g Arthritis $500

    10 Sessions treated as advised by our specialist

  • Monthly Membership Offer $95

    4 Sessions Monthly (Must be an existing patient)

When considering the cost benefit analysis of having M8 Robotic Laser Therapy from OrthoLazer in Newburgh, NY, it is important to compare and contrast of all the various factors in our treatment versus alternatives that may be considerations for you depending on your circumstances. Below is an up to date (2021) treatment comparison chart that looks at the differences between all of the potential treatment options available to you.

Laser Therapy Costs

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